Fairfield County Suzuki String Fest
​Friday and Saturday March 8th and 9th, 2019

​Guest Clinician: Brook Moes

5:00 pm Books 4+ (Violin and Viola) - Group Rep Classes : Csardas, Bach Double, Seitz 5, 1st

9:30 am Book 1 (Violin and Viola) - Rep Class:  Minuet 3(upper violin/viola harmony), Allegretto, Allegro in A

                                                Go Tell Aunt Rhody-Twinkles in D

               Book 2/3 Theory 1

               Book 2/3 Reading Orchestra 2

4:00 pm Books 4+ (Violin and Viola) - Master Classes ( limit 3-4 students )

4:00 pm DRESS REHEARSAL  Everyone RETURNS to Church for a quick run through of the order of the program and where to stand

3:00 pm BREAK  

6:00 pm Books 4+ (Violin and Viola) - Master Classes ( limit 3-4 students )

7:00 pm Teacher Hour: FREE and OPEN to all area Suzuki Teachers: 

“Teaching from the Scientist/Athlete/Artist Paradigm”  

1:15 pm Book 2-3 (Violin and Viola) - Master Classes: ( limit 4-5 students )

               Advanced Chamber (Books4+) - Viva La Vida

Friday Evening Schedule

Saturday All Day Schedule

5:00 pm CONCERT  Concert immediately follows the rehearsal - 
Young Men:
White long-sleeved dress shirt (tucked in with belt), black trousers (no jeans), black bow/neck tie (optional), black shoes (no sneakers) and black socks.
Young Ladies:
White (not off-white or cream), long-sleeved blouse (tucked in or hip-length), long (ankle length) black skirt/dress slacks (no jeans, leggings, etc.), knee-length black skirt with black tights also acceptable.
dress black shoes, black stockings/socks.
ALL: Absolutely no bare arms, legs or feet!

12:15 pm LUNCH: Pizza​ Party 

11:30 am Parent Class Topic : “Discipline and Communication”  

                 Pre-Twinle Rhythm and Movement

                 Book 1 Play-In

                 Book 2/3 Play-In

2:15 pm Viola Rep Class - Book 2+   Humoresque (3), Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus, Two Grenadiers,                         Musette (harmony)

                (Books 4+ Violin/Viola) - Sight Reading Drills

8:30 am Books 2-3 (Violin) - Martini Gavotte (3),  Two Grenadiers in g minor, Musette


We look forward to seeing everyone!

  • Students, below are the list of pieces to be worked on in group rep classes throughout the weekend. Most, if not all these pieces will be performed in the Gala concert on Saturday evening.  Kindly review your pieces.
  • Parents, the dress code for the Gala concert is detailed below for your convenience. 
  • ​Click on the button below for a schedule by Book level!

10:30 am Pre-Twinkle Class (Violin and Viola)  Up like a Rocket, E string Mississippi Stop Stop, Monkey on A 

                 Book 1 Rhythm and Movement

                 Book 2/3 Theory 2

                 Book 2/3 Reading Orchestra 1